Ben Jenkins grew up on the Arkansas/Louisiana border. His childhood was spent walking the roads cut into the dense Southern woods by the Federal army. As a teenager he began his exploration of the material culture of the Trans-Mississippi Confederacy, a lifelong journey into the minutiae of 19th century goods and industry. Several years ago, he moved to Colorado with his fiancee, and his love of mid-19th century artifacts and a newly-discovered passion for the backwoods of the Rocky Mountains quickly grew into a deep exploration of the lives of the early settlers of the Pike’s Peak Frontier. Jenkins and Company grew out of a desire to take his thorough and well-documented background in civilian material culture to create unique and well-researched impressions to use for small immersive events staged in the Colorado backcountry. As his hobby evolved into a living, he recognized a need to bring high-quality, meticulously documented, and reasonably priced goods to the civilian side of the hobby. The business grew from a way to afford his own outings into a purveyor of top-quality civilian goods to add depth to impressions throughout the Living History community. Ben continues to strive to bring affordable, quality goods to market. His offerings are held to the highest standards for authenticity, and are priced fairly. Jenkins and Company goods add dimension and depth to bring impressions to life, and his catalogue will continue to evolve as a way to present his ongoing research; and to make possible the most authentic portrayals of 19th century life.